Stretching Before Clubbell Training, Is it important?

There are no proven facts that reveal the merits or demerits of stretching. Studies reveal that stretching before training with clubbells improves performance and reduces the risk of injuries; but dynamic stretching only. Static or passive stretching before training with clubbells has resulted in degraded performance and is not worthy. Many studies performed on athletes have showed degraded performance when the workout is followed by static stretches.clubbell training

There is no proven connection between the injury and the stretch whether before or after clubbell training. Injuries sustained can be due to any sudden movement occurred during the game or workout. Stretching before a workout session definitely pumps up your muscles to an elevated temperature which will prepare for the sport you play.

When you stretch, make sure you are doing it properly. Keep the stretch 5-10 seconds and then release, this will provide you the flexibility which is essential for a sport. Be sure to stop if you feel any pain.

Pain is a sign that something is wrong. During stretching, keep breathing deep so that your muscles get the oxygen that is required. Consult your coach to recommend specific muscle targeted stretches which are necessary for the sport you play.

This way you can better prepare your body for the big game. A steel club course will better prepare you for how to train correctly, so be sure to enrol in one.

Cool down after exercising as this will prevent your muscles from being stiff, tired or sore. Do remember stretching before and after any clubbell workout or sport as it is essential to give you that extra edge of performance.

Keep training.

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