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How to Protect Your Content

Originality is the essence of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a key factor to get higher rank in search engines results. However certain miscreants are interested in copying your online contents. They make the best use of your contents and contribute to a reduction in your website’s ranking. You have not exercised rigorous SEO practices just to be in vain, you have to protect your online content’s from being copied. Here are a few ideas from fitness SEO agency on to protect them.


You can protect your online contents by enforcing visible copyright notice in your website. It will stand as a clear proof of ownership in the eyes of law and any violations against the copyrights can be taken to the court.

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Watermarks and Disabling Text Selection

You can impose intentional barriers to copying by including a watermark. A watermark on your images and videos proves your ownership of the copyrights. Moreover the presence of watermarks will discourage the effortless copying of your online contents. There are number of watermarking software available online, you can use them to watermark and to protect your online contents.

You can disable right click or text selection by manually installing java scripts in your html coding. It discourages direct copying or in the other hand makes it harder to copy your online contents.

By Using Google Authorship

When marketing personal training for example you can use Google authorship to claim ownership of your online contents. It is very useful to protect your digital data under the stamp of your original name. Once the Google Authorship is made, Google knows the original owner of the contents, so even if your online content is copied you will not have any change in your website’s ranking.

By setting Google Alerts

You can enforce protection by finding out the thieves of your online content. Google Alert is an excellent tool which alerts the owner of the website whenever a duplication of your content is made. You have to copy a sentence from your online content and create an alert. Google Alert will notify whenever a direct match to the words with which you have created the alert pops up in the internet.

Password Protection and Hotlink Protection

You can prevent illegal access through the use of passwords. It greatly helps in preventing copying of your contents. You can protect the images in your SEO website by embedding a hotlink protection. If your content is used illegally it will ensure that the image does not appears or a part of it to be distorted symbolizing it to be a copied image.

Restricting RSS (Rich Site Summary)

The use of RSS to update your clients regarding your business forms a threat to your online contents. There is high probability that you contents gets into the hand of illegal users. You can restrict this by using truncated RSS and prevent threat to your content’s privacy.

Your original SEO content is the best investment on your business marketing. It is up to you to ensure protection and to secure high ranks with your SEO Website to stay ahead of your competitors.

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